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June 16-18, 2017 - Anime Mid-Atlantic

Norfolk, VA - Join Jim & some of the top creators and actors in voice acting and anime at this fun fandom event.
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July 21-23, 2017 - Mid-South Paranormal Convention

July 21-23, 2017- Mid-South Paranormal Convention
Louisville, KY - Join Jim O'Rear, Scott Tepperman, and a ton of other spooky celebs at this paranormal/horror themed convention. Jim & Scott will be presenting a special screening of NIGHTBLADE!
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July 29, 2017 - NerdCon

July 29, 2017 - NerdCon - Robinson, IL - Join Jim at this celebration of geekdom!
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August 19-20, 2017 - Pensacola ComicCon

Pensacola, FL - Join Jim at this multi-fandom event filled with celebrities, ghost hunts, panels, music, and more.
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October 6-8, 2017 - Chicago Ghost Con

Chicago, IL - Join Jim and a host of para-celebs as they decend upon the Windy City for spooky fun!
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October 27-29, 2017 - Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival

Nashville, TN - Join Jim & some of the top names in the horror and tattoo industries at this super fun event!
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The following films are set to be made...dates have yet to be announced....



Nightmare Man

Vish'ss: Lord Of The Universe


Death Metal

Night Of The Living Dead: Genesis